CLO Survey Webinar

Catalyst_TC_Webinar_December_8Webinar Will Explore How Corporate Counsel Can Better Monitor Their E-Discovery Spend.

For corporate counsel, cost pressures are a primary concern, but many have difficulty putting a precise number on their discovery spend. In fact, a 2016 Altman Weil survey of 336 chief legal officers found that while 39 percent of law departments report collecting and analyzing management metrics to improve efficiency, only 6.6 percent say they get real value from those efforts.

And, when the survey asked how many of their top 10 law firms have provided them with useful spend analysis, 73 percent of CLOs reported that none of them had. Corporate legal teams need a better, more effective way to manage litigation costs across a variety of vendors and law firms.

Clearly, if corporate counsel are going to effectively manage their litigation costs, they need better methods of reporting and monitoring across all their vendors, law firms and matters.

How they can do that will be the topic of a Dec. 8 webinar, Five Steps to Better Oversight of E-Discovery Spend. The complimentary one-hour webinar, which begins at 1 pm. Eastern time, will cover:

  • Key findings from the Altman Weil CLO survey.
  • How CLOs and corporate counsel can be change agents to better manage spending.
  • How to leverage technology and process to gain business intelligence.
  • Five concrete steps to achieve real-time reporting across vendors, law firms and matters

The webinar is designed for anyone responsible for collecting, reporting on or analyzing the costs associated with discovery and document review. The panelists will give examples of how a central document repository and standardized workflow can enhance oversight and efficiency and reduce costs.

Speaking on the panel will be:

  • Rees W. Morrison, principal, Altman Weil Inc. One of the authors of the 2016 Chief Legal Officer Survey, Rees has over 25 years of experience advising law departments on cost control, department structure, process improvement, outside counsel management, performance benchmarking, and other key issues. He also specializes in data analytics for law departments. Before joining Altman Weil, Rees consulted independently for five years and held partnerships at several legal consulting firms, including an earlier tenure at Altman Weil from 1998 to 2002. He has had several in-house positions, including business manager for Google’s law department and consulting assistant to the general counsel of Merck.
  • Larry Barela, chief technology officer, Catalyst. A member of the leadership team since the launch of Catalyst 15 years ago, Larry has been instrumental in shaping Catalyst’s award-winning technology. He is a key driver of innovations that enhance customer value, and leads the Insight Enterprise development team. Larry also oversees Catalyst’s research and development team.
  • Mark Noel, managing director, Professional Services, Catalyst. Mark is a managing director of professional services at Catalyst, where he specializes in helping clients use technology-assisted review, advanced analytics, and custom workflows to handle complex and large-scale litigations. He also works with Catalyst’s research and development group on new litigation technology tools. Before joining Catalyst, Mark was an intellectual property litigator with Latham & Watkins LLP, co-founder of an e-discovery software startup, and a research scientist at Dartmouth College’s Interactive Media Laboratory.

For more information about the webinar or to register, go here.


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