Introducing A New Weekly Feature on this Blog: Ask Catalyst

Here at Catalyst, we get a lot of good questions about e-discovery technology. And we answer every question we get. Whether the question comes from a client, a webinar attendee, or anyone else, we make sure it gets answered.

And we have some really smart people who answer the questions. That’s not to brag, it’s just a statement of fact. We have one of the world’s leading information retrieval scientists. We have the lawyer who was lead e-discovery counsel in the first contested case to win approval for the use of technology assisted review. We have another former litigator who also started his own e-discovery software company. We have a staff brimming with highly experienced technology and litigation-support experts of all kinds.

So we thought we’d launch a feature we’re calling Ask Catalyst to share some of the questions we get and answers we provide. Better yet, we’re inviting you to submit your questions to be answered here.

Got a question about e-discovery search and review? Trying to figure out the best approach for a TAR project? Need to know when to cut off review with Continuous Active Learning?

Whatever your question, send it to us. Ask Catalyst will appear here on our blog every Tuesday. Watch for the first installment next week.

We are no longer taking submissions for our Ask Catalyst series.
To download the book “Ask Catalyst: A User’s Guide to TAR” based on the questions we received, click here.


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A lawyer and veteran legal journalist, Bob advises Catalyst on strategic communications and marketing matters. He is also a practicing lawyer in Massachusetts and is the former editor-in-chief of The National Law Journal, Lawyers USA and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. A fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, he also writes the blog LawSites.

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