Webinar Redux: Here’s the Recording of Our Program on TAR and Transparency

If you missed Catalyst’s recent webinar, Solving the Transparency Issues in Technology Assisted Review, here is your second chance. The video above is a recording of the full webinar.

What is the transparency issue? Well, if you happened to read U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck’s decision earlier this year in Rio Tinto v. Vale, you have an understanding of why transparency is a concern with regard to the use of TAR. Although TAR is now so widely accepted that it has become—as Judge Peck said—black letter law, there remains significant uncertainty over the degree of transparency and cooperation required with respect to the training sets used in TAR.

This is a concern for some lawyers when considering whether to use TAR. They worry about having to disclose their TAR training documents or even strategic information about their case.

But as is explained in this webinar, that issue can be eliminated by using an advanced TAR process—what we call TAR 2.0—that employs Continuous Active Learning. The reason for this, as Judge Peck observed in Rio Tinto, is that if the TAR methodology uses CAL, the contents of the seed set becomes a non-issue.

The webinar explains how TAR 2.0 solves the transparency problem. It begins by talking about how the problem came about in the first place, discusses some of the specific disclosure and transparency concerns lawyers face, and then reviews the case law on disclosure and transparency. With that background, it then gets into the specifics of showing how TAR 2.0 and CAL work and how they solve the transparency issue.


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