Catalyst Participates in EDI-Oracle Computer Assisted Review Study

Anyone who attended the recent LegalTech show in New York can attest to the fact that there is no shortage of e-discovery vendors offering some form of technology assisted review. In fact, Catalyst unveiled its own predictive-ranking tool, Insight Predict, at LegalTech.

However, for e-discovery professionals, there is a scarcity of independent metrics by which they can evaluate the quality and costs of these various TAR tools against manual review. For that reason, the non-profit Electronic Discovery Institute (EDI) has launched the EDI Oracle computer Assisted Review Study, which will evaluate multiple human and technology-assisted analysis systems for responding to discovery in litigation.

Catalyst is one of dozens of companies that EDI has invited to participate in the study. The goal of the study, as described in EDI’s announcement, is to obtain an unbiased assessment of technology to help the legal community navigate the computer assisted review process.

The study will provide independently reviewed metrics on the quality and costs of various technology assisted review solutions compared to manual review. The results of the study could potentially speed up the acceptance of technology assisted review methodologies by courts and by corporations.

Members of Oracle’s legal team are participating in the study, in collaboration with chief scientists Peter Glynn and Gerd Infanger from Stanford University. Patrick Oot, co-founder of EDI, is the project’s editor-in-chief.

“This sort of research is what started the non-profit in its quest for technology education in the legal sector,” Oot said in the announcement. “It has taken almost two years for the Oracle-EDI team to find the right scientists, participants, and protocol to make this incredibly complicated undertaking a success.”

As the study moves forward, you will be able to follow its status via Twitter using the hashtag #EDIOracleStudy.



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