Article: Predictive Coding Helps Companies Reduce Discovery Costs

Computer Technology Review has published an article by John Tredennick, Catalyst’s founder and CEO, “Predictive Coding Helps Companies Reduce Discovery Costs.” In it, John discusses how recent court decisions have opened the door to wider use of technology-assisted review to cut costs in document discovery.

In particular, he focuses on Magistrate Judge Andrew J. Peck’s 2012 decision, Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Groupe, writing:

Without doubt, Judge Peck ushered in the next generation of e-discovery search and review. In the months since his decision, the business world has shown a heightened interest in predictive coding. Other judges have picked up the mantle and considered its use in their cases. Industry vendors have scrambled to add predictive coding to their product rosters.

As important as was the ruling’s outcome, so too was its reasoning. For business leaders, IT professionals and in-house lawyers, the opinion provides a primer on the reasons for using predictive coding and the processes underlying it.

From there, John goes on to explain how predictive coding works and how it is used in e-discovery. In the end, he concludes:

For business leaders, the significance of Judge Peck’s ruling is its seal of approval for predictive coding technology. That should lead to its wider acceptance and use. With data volumes increasing dramatically, predictive coding is the best weapon businesses have to cut the cost and time of review. In their battle to conquer big data, that is a significant victory.

Read the full article at Computer Technology Review.


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