The Blogosphere Reacts to Judge Peck’s Ruling on Predictive Coding

shutterstock_59886838I wrote here last week about Judge Andrew J. Peck’s groundbreaking opinion in Da Silva Moore v. Publicis Groupe — the first judicial opinion to expressly approve the use of computer-assisted review and predictive coding. Not surprisingly given the import of the ruling, I was far from alone in writing about it. Ever since writing that post, I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up, planning to wrap up reactions from elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Now, thanks to Chris Dale, I’ve been saved the effort. At his E-Disclosure Information Project, he pulls together and summarizes commentary on the ruling from a variety of bloggers and journalists (kindly including our post among them). “Between them, these articles cover the ground as it stands at the moment and, incidentally, give you all the quotations you could want from an Opinion which is rich in them,” Chris writes. “There are other articles, but I have picked those which identify particular points worth emphasising.”

Across my own newsfeed have come a handful of other articles and posts about Judge Peck’s decision that are not mentioned in Chris’s post. For those wanting to leave no stone unturned in their study of this milestone ruling, let me suggest the following in addition to the posts cited by Chris:

If you know of other posts on Judge Peck’s decisions that neither Chris nor I have mentioned, please add them in the comments below.


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