For 15 years, many of the largest corporations and law firms in the world have chosen Catalyst as their preferred way to manage electronic discovery and other complex legal matters. Why? There are a number of reasons, ranging from our speed, scalability and multi-language capabilities to the fact that we automate our platform to put you in full control.

Here are the top 10 reasons our clients choose Catalyst:


Catalyst built the first grid-based system for litigation support. Hundreds of servers and thousands of processors work together to provide the fastest system in the industry for both search and review. Speed means your team is more efficient, which means lower overall e-discovery costs.


Because our system is grid-based, we can spread documents over multiple search servers to ensure sub-second response—even for complex queries. We also balance work requests across multiple servers so that our users don't have to wait for them to finish. When you have millions of documents to manage, our platform won't slow to a crawl.


Clients know their data is secure with Catalyst, both physically and over the Internet. Our data centers are monitored 24 hours a day, as are our software systems. Catalyst security has been vetted and approved by many of the most demanding organizations in the world, including banks, major software companies, insurers and the U.S. government for sensitive terrorist materials.

Multi-Language Capabilities

Catalyst was one of the first to offer true multi-language capabilities. We are optimized for the challenging CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) and can handle both Unicode and non-Unicode pages. We can also provide language experts to help you search, analyze and review foreign-language data. And, when you need to keep Asian data in Asia, use our Tokyo data center.

Multi-Matter Repositories

Catalyst is one of the only vendors to offer true single-instance multi-matter document repositories. Process and load your document once, storing it in your central archive. Associate it with one or more cases. Reuse tagging and protect privilege calls which will apply to all instances in which the document is used.

Second Generation TAR

Insight Predict is the only product designed to support continuous active learning, which has been shown by independent third-party research to be more effective than first generation products. Predict is fully integrated with the Insight platform so reviewers can get started right away.

End-to-End Automation

We've automated our system from processing through production and put the controls in your hands. This makes it easier to meet tight deadlines, with fewer mistakes and at lower overall costs. Plus, your data stays with one vendor from start to finish—no complicated hand-offs or delays and less risk of errors.

Lower Costs

We deliver our software as a secure, hosted service. Our clients like the fact that they can be up and running quickly and use our services for as long as they need them. They also like the fact that we can provide additional capacity whenever they need it. On-demand means no hardware to purchase, no software to maintain and no technical staff to hire.

Continuous Innovation

We regularly upgrade our software with new and enhanced features to better serve your needs. Unlike with a local appliance that you maintain, our upgrades roll out seamlessly overnight. You get the benefit of new capabilities and features without any of the upgrade nightmares, costs or delays that come with local appliances.

Proven and Trusted

The Catalyst team has been building web-based systems for litigation support since 1996. We know the problems our clients face and the best ways to resolve them. Our search and project consultants are savvy legal-technology professionals who can help manage your case, organize your data, optimize searches and analyze your results.

We host hundreds of terabytes of documents and manage a dozen independent search clusters in four data centers. Over the past decade, our products have been used by many of the largest organizations in the world, including five of the world's 10 largest companies, four of the nation's 10 largest insurers and 80 of the nation's 100 largest law firms. When your case matters, look to people who have been there before.

Speed, Scalability and a Decade of Experience, Delivered On Demand

Ultimately, clients choose Catalyst because they believe it is the best platform for their cases, backed by one of the strongest teams in the industry. While different clients might cite different reasons for choosing Catalyst, it all comes down to the features that define us: speed, scalability, multi-language capabilities and a mature product delivered as a secure hosted service.

What People Are Saying

"We have worked with Catalyst as the repository for our client’s data on numerous cases, most recently a complicated million document/16 million page/file population. They are well organized, responsive, diligent in their communication and problem solving, and well managed. I highly recommend them!"

Diane J. Piganelli, President, Legal Technology Consulting, Inc.

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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