At Catalyst, we believe in these simple principles. They govern how we run our business, serve our clients, treat our investors and, ultimately, how we deal with one another.

  • We believe that honesty and respect are the cornerstones of human and business relationships. We pledge these things to our clients, employees, shareholders, partners, and to everyone with whom we deal.
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to provide the best products and services we can through a continuing commitment to innovation, automation and hard work.
  • We admit and try to learn from our mistakes when they happen. We then do our best to rectify the consequences of our mistakes and to never repeat them.
  • We are in business to help clients solve problems and to make a fair profit for our efforts. We use our profits to grow, repay our investors, give back to our communities and reward our employees for their hard work.
  • Ultimately, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to society by providing tools to help legal teams manage large volumes of documents effectively.

These principles are not just words on a piece of paper. They represent our common bond and we each pledge to honor them in the conduct of our business.

The Catalyst Team

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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