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Offering our Clients End-to-End E-Discovery Services

Catalyst’s Global Partner Program is a network of technology and service providers that help clients lower their total cost of discovery. Together, we integrate Catalyst’s innovative software and services to cover the full spectrum of e-discovery—from identification and collection through review, production and presentation.

Summit Program

Summit is the highest tier in our program, and we work most closely with these partners. They are discovery leaders who have made significant investments in learning our platform and are fully trained on all Catalyst software.

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Alliance Program

Catalyst Alliance Partners are legal technology market leaders that provide complementary litigation support and e-discovery services that span the heart of the litigation lifecycle. This is our entry level.

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Referral Program

This program is ideal for consultants and advisors who understand the differences in e-discovery technologies and the benefits to their clients. You can earn generous rewards for referring customers to Catalyst.

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Become a Global Partner

Six Great Reasons to Get Started with Catalyst Today!

E-discovery is a highly competitive and fragmented market. Catalyst’s reputation for innovative technology and experience in multi-language and large matters can give your company a significant competitive edge.


Increase revenue.
Catalyst provides value, expertise and a truly consultative approach that results in greater client satisfaction and more enduring client relationships. And, there’s no cost to start.


Differentiate from a “sea of the same.”
Today’s crowded market of 400+ Relativity providers compete on price and project management. Our partners enjoy differentiation and consideration during the sales process.


Go with the leading SaaS e-discovery platform.
Insight is built for partner administration, control, data loading and productions—all with no CAPEX or software to maintain. It’s the right choice when the “industry standard” is subpar.


Win with industry-leading technology.
Our analytics and TAR 2.0 shift the sales conversation from the expense of e-discovery to reducing risk and the lowering the overall cost of review.


Bring true enterprise grade e-discovery to your clients with multi-matter capability.
With Catalyst, clients can pay once to process, store and review documents, but can also reuse them in as many cases as needed.


Offer new innovative pricing.
We offer fixed fee, per record and a la carte pricing.

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Catalyst designs, builds, hosts and supports the world’s fastest and most powerful e-discovery platform. For 20 years, Catalyst has helped global corporations reduce the total cost of discovery and take control of complex, large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance.

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