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You Work Across Borders. Your E-Discovery Partner Should Do the Same.

Catalyst provides integrated technology and expert professional services to help Asia-based corporations and multinational companies with Asia operations, along with their counsel, better manage their litigation, investigation and regulatory compliance challenges. With two data centers in Japan and three in the U.S., we regularly assist companies with operations in Asia, along with their outside counsel, navigate the local and cross-border discovery landscape.

Asia Expertise & Localized Knowledge

When you have local Asia or cross-border matters, you’re in good hands with Catalyst. We’re the leaders in providing clients with cost-effective and efficient managed review options for the complex Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) languages, and have intimate knowledge of local business practices and customs across Asia.

Asia-Based Operations

In Japan, our full-service data centers support the e-discovery needs of local clients, the larger Asia market and multinational companies with Asia operations. We offer data collection and forensics, media receiving, data processing, hosting, production, local professional services and client support.

Discovery Cost Control

Companies in Asia can save on e-discovery costs by using Catalyst's secure, repository platform, Insight Discovery and integrated Insight Predict technology assisted review, to speed your review and save up to 80% or more on document review costs. There is no need to purchase and support hardware and software or hire people to manage it. Our secure, hosted platform is there for when you need it, for as long as you need it. 

CJK & Multi-Language Processing, Indexing & Searching

A leader in Asian language discovery, Catalyst offers a powerful combination of technology and services for search and review in 280 languages.

Insight Discovery supports processing and indexing for multi-language documents. We handle not only Unicode but also non-Unicode documents, including documents using Asian-language encodings such as Shift JIS and Big 5. During the indexing process, we identify and tokenize languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK), Hebrew and Arabic.

Our platform enables reviewers to search across multi-language documents, group documents by language for review, and translate them on the fly. An enhanced machine translation (EMT) language workflow reduces the need for costly bilingual staff and machine translation improves over time increasing savings with every use.

CJK Managed Document Review

We can quickly staff teams of multi-language reviewers for the complicated CJK languages and many other foreign languages in our U.S. or Asia offices. Learn more >

Asia Partner Network

Our Asia partners work closely with Catalyst and our clients to provide specialized forensic and collection services across Asia. Each partner has an established track record of providing superior service to clients within their jurisdiction. Our Asia partners have headquarters in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and offices throughout the region.

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