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Best-in-class software providing full EDRM coverage—from legal hold and collection, through processing, search, analytics, review, production and trial.

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We have 15 years' experience helping clients manage complex discovery, from search strategy and predictive analytics to managed review and productions.

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Tested by the most demanding matters, Catalyst's technology and services have proven themselves year after year. On time, on budget, on target.

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With Catalyst Insight Enterprise

Transform discovery with a secure central repository, advanced technology and proven processes. Insight Enterprise includes Catalyst Insight, Catalyst Legal Hold and Catalyst Analytics—all backed by a dedicated Professional Services team.

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"As I have said repeatedly, the platform is one of, if not the best I have worked with and I am not shy about relaying that to case teams."

Colin Drake, Litigation Support Project Management Coordinator at Pillsbury

​“Through its Insight platform, Catalyst is utilizing the cloud in new ways to not only cut costs, but give more control back to its legal department clients.”

​Zach Warren and Ian Lopez, Legaltech News

​Insight​ was stellar. Each and every search, copying to folder, bulk updating, printing and exporting worked flawlessly and quickly... As in most trial preparations, decisions are usually made last minute. Each processing and uploading project was done quickly and the documents were always ready when needed...”

​Senior Paralegal, Minneapolis, MN

"Insight worked PERFECTLY.  Documents and coding forms loaded quickly. Searches worked every time.  The foldering structure was logical and easy to access. Tagging documents for depositions and the trial exhibit list was easy.  Everyone was impressed with the database and it made me look good.  Thank you very much."

Senior Paralegal, Minneapolis law firm

The industry has never seen anything like this. Insight and Predict are game changers. Both DSi and our clients, as usual, are blown away by Catalyst’ innovation and delivery on excellence.”

Tom Turner, President & Founding Partner, DSi

Insight continues Catalyst's leadership in multi-language e-discovery, through its support for 280 languages (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean), its multi-language UI and its success with multi-language predictive coding.”

Gartner 2014

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Insight. It’s fast, powerful and easy to use. The ability to use graphics to track email communications is really impressive.”

Russ Aoki, Partner, Aoki & Sakamoto

“I can’t believe how easy this is. A couple of clicks and I’m finding what I need.”

Steven Hartwig, CEO C-TEQ Data Consultants

“Getting data to a review platform can be a painful and slow process. With Catalyst we post our data directly to our site. This cuts out delays and takes several information security concerns out of the data transfer process.”

Kathy D. Hogy, Vice President of Legal Discovery, First Data Corp.

"Insight's speed and scalability is stunning, and this latest Catalyst offering is built on an XML platform that presents one eye-popping feature after another."

William Hamilton, Partner, Quarles and Brady

Automated Redaction—New!

Reduce the Pain of Review with Catalyst’s New Automated Redaction

Redaction is a necessary evil of e-discovery review. While essential to protecting privileged and confidential information, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to go through a document and draw black boxes over individual words and phrases. That’s why a new feature in Catalyst Insight should be welcome news to document reviewers everywhere. Called Automated Redaction, it is a major enhancement of Catalyst Insight’s redaction tool, enabling users to make redactions with documents more easily, quickly make multiple redactions, and better QC redactions after they’re made.

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Information for Making Data-Driven Decisions Across Legal and Compliance Matters Now Available in a Single View

Denver, CO–January 9, 2018–Catalyst, the company that designs, hosts and services the fastest and most scalable document repositories for e-discovery and regulatory compliance, today announced Catalyst Analytics, a sophisticated business intelligence dashboard within its award-winning Insight Enterprise platform.

Now legal teams can use real-time data to make more informed business decisions across legal and compliance matters using current and historical information and trends. Making accurate budget and resource projections, identifying custodians and reviewers used in previous matters, and reducing repetition of work across current and future matters has never been easier. Critical business analytics also enable legal teams to delve into information such as who is the most productive team member, where can costs be saved, and how to improve overall efficiency.

The integration of business analytics eliminates the need to buy expensive software or build reports using spreadsheets, email or other time-consuming and resource-intensive tools. Corporate counsel and legal operations professionals can now get reports automatically emailed to them daily, weekly or monthly in a mobile-friendly dashboard. Using templates tailored to meet specific needs, legal teams now have an instant view into critical business information across matters.

“Having visibility into legal operations through cross-matter reporting is a huge challenge. While deciphering large volumes of information can be exceptionally difficult, it’s what most inside counsel are looking for,” said Jennifer Davies, product manager of Business Intelligence and Corporate Apps at Catalyst. “We’ve created a central dashboard that can be tailored to show only pertinent information to specific users that helps them improve work output while keeping confidential information secure. What’s more, we’re providing the answers to the questions that keep GCs up at night: What’s the status of XYZ case? Are we sticking close to budget? Is our data safe? Can we cut costs?”

Catalyst’s business analytics dashboard delivers cross-matter visibility and reporting critical to managing cases, counsel and legal costs, including:

  • E-Discovery Management Dashboard with tabs that provide actionable data about matters, custodians, ingestion, users and project management; and,
  • Financial Dashboard for counsel summaries, fiscal year counsel reports, matter budgets and spending tabs for measuring the true value of litigation.

Other reports include:

  • Matter Activity for a summary of cases that are either active or in hibernation (near-line storage), the number of documents across those matters, the number of custodians, and other details about all matters;
  • Custodian Reporting for high-level insight and granular details about all custodians related to active and inactive matters;
  • Ingestion Reporting delivers high-level reports about data ingestion across all matters;
  • User Reporting shows the summaries, historical trends and user information about review resource’s activity pertaining to all matters;
  • Project Management gives granular information on individual matters and where they are in the review project life cycle. See how many documents have been reviewed (or not), labeled responsive or privileged, uploaded and/or released, and user activity within the last 30 days; and,
  • KPIs show key performance indicators that allow organizations to stay on top of important efforts and output. Notifications can bring attention to problems before they crystalize.

“Before using Catalyst Analytics, one of our biggest clients could create only one departmental report every six months,” said Davies. “It was like driving using only your rearview mirror. Now they get tailored analytics weekly, and they can use their dashboards in real-time. Any decisions they make now are based on up-to-date data that makes them far more precise and efficient.”

About Catalyst

Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world's fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 15 years, corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters. To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @CatalystSecure.

For more information, contact:

Carolyn Depko
Plat4orm PR
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Catalyst Names E-Discovery Veteran Gray Wallington Senior Director of Enterprise Accounts

Monday, Mar 12, 2018 | News Releases 2018

Denver, CO–March 12, 2018–Catalyst has named Gray Wallington, a veteran business leader with more than 15 years’ experience in e-discovery and technology, to be senior director of enterprise accounts. In this role, Wallington will collaborate with corporate clients on technology-driven strategies... >>

Catalyst and bit-x-bit Form Strategic Partnership

Wednesday, Mar 07, 2018 | News Releases 2018

bit-x-bit to Deliver Continuous Active Learning and Full Spectrum E-Discovery Services through Catalyst Technology, Maximizing Cost Savings and Quality Denver, CO–March 7, 2018–Catalyst today announced its strategic partnership with bit-x-bit, a national provider of e-discovery, computer forensic... >>

10 Tips For Working With IT To Preserve Data

Tuesday, Mar 06, 2018 | In The News

When litigation or a government investigation looms, a corporation has a duty to identify and preserve data (documents or other electronically stored information) that may be relevant to the matter. This requirement, imposed by the courts as well as government regulators, is known as a “legal hold” ... >>

Using TAR 2.0 to Expedite Multi-Language Review

How Insight Predict’s Unique Capabilities Cut Review by Two Thirds In a major shareholder class action alleging violations of federal securities laws, the defendant’s legal team was under a tight deadline... >>

Regulatory Agency Cuts Review by 60%

Insight Predict Helps a Small Team Meet a Tight Discovery Deadline When the regulatory agency sued the private company, it sought to recover over $1 million the company had allegedly overbilled... >>

Multinational Medical Products Company Uses Catalyst Insight to Speed Compliance Investigations

User-Controlled Platform Allows Global Company to Streamline, Standardize and Manage Anti-Corruption Investigations Across its Asian and European Offices The multinational medical device company faced a workflow challenge of global scale. Compliance... >>

Client Cuts Review Time in Half Using TAR 2.0

Catalyst helps client negotiate a discovery stipulation to use Insight Predict The case against our client, a major media company, was pending in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District... >>

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Catalyst designs, builds and hosts the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. We back our technology with a highly skilled Professional Services team and a global partner network to ensure the best e-discovery experience possible.
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We are thrilled to welcome Gray Wallington as our Senior Director of Enterprise Accounts!